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Jam Tours and Transfer Refund Policy

The Jam tours and transfer Limited refund policy is dedicated to please the customer in a way that is fit for both parties involved. As it regards to a refund, jam tours will guarantee a 100% refund under the following conditions:

 Failure to complete tour or transfer due to inclement weather:

If natural hazards such as floods, hurricanes etc. should occur, then jam tours will offer the customer involved a full refund after an official claim has been made.

 Failure to complete tours due to absence of crew worker:

If it is that there are no staff members to facilitate the tour or transfer the customer will stand the chance to gain a refund if filed at the time of the incident.

 Failure to complete tour due to illness:

If the customer is unable to make the tour due to illness the same conditions apply, the customer would be required to make a formal note via email with details of the incident including the parties involved.



Dis satisfaction of the service provided:

If the customer is not satisfied with the service required, he/she may file a formal complaint explaining the details of the tour and the reasons why they think a refund is necessary, then the issue will brought forth to management and if the claims prove to be fair then, the customers would be refunded 75% of the cost of the tour purchased.


The process of a refund through the jam tours and transfer limited company takes a total of 60 days to be completed. During this time the customer will be kept informed of the process via email. During this time, any information, documents or inquiries should be done via this medium. After the refund has been processed then the customer will be informed of the necessary items needed in order to receive the refund.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, the client must give the company notice within five (5) days of booking trip. The option to do a risk free cancellation will be available through the site where a toll free number will be provided and the process will be done over the phone.


Payment Policy

Payment for all Services must be by NCB Keycard, Visa, MasterCard or Paypal.  Only the first 6-digits and last 4-digits of the card number will be stored.  We reserve the right to change the payment methods we accept at any time.

Prices are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have already sent you a Confirmation.  Please retain a copy of your receipt that shows each transaction processed.